Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here!

Hi, I’m Brandi!

A busy, tired, and easily overwhelmed wife & mom of 4! 

I am a recovering perfectionist… meaning that I struggle EVERY DAY to put my family & connection above my to-do list! 

I know what if feels like to want to be the perfect mom, but to often feel like you aren’t doing a good job.

When I was young, I dreamed of all of the special things that I would do with my family when I was married and had children.  I started collecting magazine and newspaper articles of fun family ideas at an early age, and I knew that I would make every occasion meaningful and every day would be full of special memories!!!

Well, fast forward a few decades, and my idealistic dreams have met with the harsh realities of life with 4 rambunctious kiddos!   And although I still desire to give my children a happy childhood, teach them to love God with all their hearts, and to be good people, I am learning (slowly) to let some of the perfectionism go!

I am starting to realize that I must simplify our everyday life so that we can have time for “making memories” and enjoying each other… the stuff that really matters! 

Is The Sweetest Part for you?

You are definitely in the right place if you…

  • have not sent out Christmas cards because you didn’t have one photo of everyone looking at the camara/not looking miserable
  • have served cereal for dinner just to survive!
  • had really high expectations for yourself as a mother, and you sometimes feel like you are failing
  • want your children to grow up with sweet memories of your time together as a family
  • you’re so thankful for God’s grace that helps fill in for our weaknesses as moms!

Hey there overwhelmed mom… I know how you feel.

You have all of the things that you prayed for, and you wonder why you don’t feel happy…

You read all the books, had plans for all of the fun things you would do with your kids, and did EVERYTHING you could to be the Best. Mama. Ever!

You had plans!  You would give  your children memorable moments!  You wanted their childhood to be magical, full of wonderful family traditions, fun activities, & amazing parties! 

But trying to do it all  perfectly has becoming exhausting! You can’t even enjoy the time you have with your family because you are too stressed trying to make it all just right

Being a mom is hard…

You want to give them a healthy meal, but you barely have then energy to pour out a bowl of cereal.

You want everyone to have coordinating outfits for church, but the kids can’t even find a pair of matching socks.

You want to plan fun family game nights & activities, but you end up binge watching Netflix instead.

You have really high expectations for yourself as a mother, and you sometimes feel like you are failing!

You want to create special moments with your family…


  • let go of the DO-IT-ALL mentality
  • dump the mom guilt
  • choose to really enjoy your children

Let me help you…
* find simple ways to connect & enjoy your children every day!
* embrace fun activities equipped with the tools that you need to enjoy them, without the stress!
That’s when you will enjoy the sweetest parts of our blessed and full lives! 
Start enjoying time with your children today by downloading
this fun Birthday Interview!

You don’t have to be perfect to give your children a wonderful childhood.  In fact, making memories doesn’t have to be planned or hard

You’re tired of trying to do it all… You just want to enjoy your family again…

You’re in the right place!

The Sweetest Part is a place to find…

*fun family activities

*ideas for simple family traditions

*ideas for celebrating holidays without the extra stress

*thoughtful gift ideas for family & friends

*delicious recipes for every day and special occasions!

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