Easter Coloring Pages

Growing up, my family celebrated Easter… mostly with brightly colored Easter eggs & chocolate bunnies. However, I don’t remember thinking a whole lot about the deep spiritual meaning that goes along with the Easter holiday!

Sure, I knew that was when we celebrated Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, and rising again on the 3rd day.  I knew in my head what it was all about, but I don’t know that I took much time to really let what Jesus did for me sink in!

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Celebrating Easter

Now that I am grown, the Easter holiday is a truly special time of the year for me & my family! I attended my first Sunrise service the year before I married my husband at his home church. The Easter season is so full of meaning for us as Christians that I think it’s important for us to share this & teach it to our children!

If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to read my post on Christ-Centered Easter Activities for Families. Read over the post & look for activities that your family would enjoy & that you feel like would engage your children & get them to really think!  Don’t try to do all of the activities, just look for an idea that will help you share Jesus with your family!

I especially love it when my kids enjoy doing something that also teaches a valuable lesson! So, I decided to create a few Easter coloring sheets for kids so that they would have a fun activity that would help them learn Scripture, specifically the Scripture related to the life, death, & resurrection of Jesus.


I hope you and your kids will enjoy these coloring pages this Easter! 

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