50 Awesome (Stress-Free) Ideas for Fun Summer Activities!

I love summer and the fun summer activities!!  Well, if I’m being 100% honest, I love being off from school/work, my kids not having homework, and fun family gatherings celebrating summer…. The heat and humidity that plague those of us in the Southeast thru this season…..?  Not so much!

But summer has kind of become synonymous with relaxed and lazy. And you know what?  I LOVE that!!! If there is anything my sometimes up-tight personality needs, it’s a whole season to embrace laid-back fun summer activities!  

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So, rather than giving you a list or “must-dos” this summer, this is a list of things to do in the summer that will be fun but not add to your stress!  These are ideas to help you & your family embrace the fun, relaxed nature of summer! So, take what you like and leave what you don’t! No pressure! I don’t know about you, but that’s my kind of list!

Be sure to download your “Fun Things To Do In the Summer” printable (details at the end of this post)!  Notice, there are no check marks?  That’s because it’s not to be completed, but for you to enjoy… not to feel pressured to do it all, just for inspiration!!

  1. Lay in a Hammock– Doesn’t that seem like the epitome of lazy, summer days?
  2. Swim in a Lake– or a river, or a stream, or a pool….! 
  3. Sit & Watch the Sunset with those you love!
  4. Have a Cookout- Invite your family and friends for a outdoor evening of food, fun & fellowship!
  5. Make Homemade Popsicles–  There are so many, yummy flavors, get the kids involved in making these… they’ll  love it!
  6. Decorate Your Home for Summer with brightly colored throw pillow, white linens, and lots of FLOWERS!!!
  7. Paint a flowerpot
  8. Plant Flowers in your pot or in a garden spot!
  9. Take a walk at sunset and breath in the warm air, block out any stress that is competing for your brain space! 
  10. Eat a Snowcone– and add the cream on top (trust me!).
  11. Play outdoor volleyball… or badmitton, or corn hole….
  12. Float in a Pool– I’m not sure I’ve been able to do this since I became a mom, but I remember it being heavenly!!!
  13. Roast Marshmallows & Make S’mores– what a fun summer activity, create a special fire pit area for it!
  14. Catch Fireflies (a.k.a. Lightening bugs for you other Southerners!)
  15. Sleep Late
  16. Go to the Drive-In– this is on of my families favorite things to do in the summer!  Just sit out under the stars watching a new movie! I’m not sure you can really pay attention as closely, but who cares… we’ve made some great memories!!!
  17. Swing– my kids love to swing (me too).  Nothing makes you feel as carefree as flying thru the air!
  18. Take A Tour of  Your Hometown– no matter where you live, you can come up with some fun summer activities or cool places to visit in your area!  Explore your town or a nearby one, you may be surprised what you find!
  19. Decorate for the 4th of July!  Put out flags & buntings, my kids love decorating their bikes!  
  20. Go on a PicnicPicnicing with family is a fun summer activity.
  21. Camp in Your Backyard– find a little adventure in your own backyard!
  22. Look at the Stars… Make A Wish, or better yet, say a prayer! The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Psalm 19:1
  23. Have a “Family Summer Games” Pick 5-10 “events” and allow each member to compete in them!  Have fun prizes or “medals” for the winners!  
  24. Make Homemade Ice Cream– check out my super easy recipe!  
  25. Go on a Date– Take advantage of a little down time to slip away and reconnect!
  26. Draw funny scenes on your sidewalk with chalk! Take pictures of your kids in the scene when you are all done… fun memories!
  27. Go canoeing or kayaking! I’m a total wimp, but I loved kayaking when I went (on VERY calm water)! It can be such a fun thing to do in the summer!
  28. Go berry picking- Find a pick your own farm at pickyourown.org.
  29. Make Strawberry Shortcake
  30. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood or around a state park!
  31. Plant a garden– even if it’s just a few plants in a raised bed, it will be an awesome summer activity to grow some of your own food!!
  32. Enjoy Summer Flavors with new recipes!  Make a Peach cobbler or Zucchini bread (try my quick bread recipe and add coconut… it’s wonderful!!)!
  33. Decorate Your Home with Beautiful Flowers (I’d rather have flowers on my table…
  34. Go to watch a fireworks display- find a perfect spot (up close so you can hear the boom!), whether in your hometown or a big city & take it all in!
  35. Go to an Outdoor Summer Fair – We have an awesome free outdoor bluegrass festival in a nearby town and it is SO. MUCH. FUN!  Find one fear you and you’ll love it!
  36. Visit a Farmer’s Market-so maybe you’re not a farmer, but you can feel great about going out and supporting your local ones!  And you’ll come home with all sorts of delicious goodies!
  37. Take Your Kids to Vacation Bible School– Better yet, you go to… and help!  I loved VBS as a kid (I may love it even more as an adult!). I know some communities where the kids will hop from one VBS to another all summer long!  What a wonderful & fun summer activity to keep your kids busy!
  38. Hang Outdoor Twinkle Lights– twinkle lights just make you happy!
  39. Eat dinner outside– Set up a special area outside for a nice dinner for your family to enjoy together!  Use a nice tablecloth, place flowers on the table, and put some lanterns around! Make a fun memory!
  40. Take your kids to a Splash Pad– A lot of times, larger cities have some pretty awesome free splash pads, take advantage of them and make it a day!
  41. Make Corn on the Cob with Herbed Butterthis is the taste of summer!
  42. Tie Dye a t-shirt (and anything else you can get your hands on!).
  43. Dance in the Rain– You’ll feel like a kid and you’re kids will love seeing their mom let loose and have fun!

    Little girl dancing in the rain for a fun summer activity!
    Happy child girl laughs and plays under the summer rain with an umbrella
  44. Get fun, summery dish towels to make doing the dishes a little more fun! (Hey, it’s the little things!).
  45. Read a just for fun book! Find a book that will be enjoyable to read, and …ENJOY!  Find a great one for the kids too… they deserve some fun reading too!
  46. Blow bubbles! Have a water gun fight with the whole family
  47. Make a cool, fruity summer drink! Try my refreshing recipe for Strawberry-Watermelon Smoothie, it’s delicious!!
  48. Do Bubble Art!
  49. Play in the Sprinklers– Watch the kids & then cool off yourself every so often!
  50. Make homemade Lemonade & enjoy it on your porch. This is the perfect relaxing thing to do in the summer… just sit back and rock your cares away!!!

I hope you had fun reading these ideas for fun summer activities! Please leave your comments below for any other great ideas for things to do in the summer!  There might just have to be a part 2!?! ????




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