Kids’ Favorite Foods That You Can Feel Good About

It can be hard to get kids to eat. Sometimes I glance at the table after my kids have left for school only to realize that they ate (maybe) one bite of their breakfast! UGH! It can be frustrating, but by incorporating some kids’ favorite foods into your weekly rotation, you may have happier campers and fuller bellies!
I know that it’s not rocket science to figure out what kids’ favorite foods are, but there are ways you can serve these palate-pleasing foods so that you and your children both feel good about it!

Kids' Favorite Foods

Adding Key Nutrients to Kids’ Favorite Foods

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There are 2 things that I like to make sure I have in each meal to make it more nutritious and those are a good source of (lean if possible) protein and color or fruits and veggies.
Most of our meals naturally have protein included (especially popular kids’ foods), but add a side of green beans to each entree and you might get some turned-up noses!
Snack Boards
One of my favorite ways to add color to any meal (even breakfast) is a small charcuterie board. Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now and for good reason, you can make beautiful and very elaborate boards for almost any occasion.

However, having a charcuterie or snack board doesn’t have to be hard. I throw together one most nights in 5 minutes or less by adding a few veggies (I like olives, Persian cucumbers and baby carrots) along with dips and even cubed cheese can give your dinner a real punch of nutrition. I often add an apple or grapes on the side also along with vanilla yogurt with a drizzle of caramel on top.
Here on Aussie Home Cooks Sarah has a great idea for a neat compartmented snack board that kids would love. You can use a large toolbox like Sarah did, or keep it simple with a plate or cutting board.

Snack boards can be great for keeping everyone full and happy even when you don’t have a real plan for dinner! Just make sure you have plenty of protein (lunch meats and cheese) to help keep them full. Think of it as a large, family-sized (and healthy) lunchable!

Presentation Is Everything

So often, kids decide with their eyes what they like or don’t like before they even take a bite. Really, don’t we all!? Make sure that you up the presentation of your kids foods by adding (or even better, letting them) toppings or having sauces on the side.
Search “Fun Food Presentation” on Pinterest and you’ll find a TON of great ideas! Just remember to not get overwhelmed! The drizzle of caramel I add to the yogurt for my kid’s fruit is not hard and it’s primarily to make it look a little more appealing!

Kids’ Favorite Breakfast Foods

We know the regular breakfast favorite foods for kids, but by adding some healthy ingredients, you can my your kids’ favorite foods ones you feel good about!


Kids' Favorite Foods: Pancakes with fresh berries

Everyone loves pancakes, but make in a traditional way, they are often just glorified white bread (do my kids still eat them, Yes… but there are better options).
Dutch baby pancakes are a fun twist on the traditional. These Dutch Baby Cakes by Annie on are delicious (and pretty high in protein) and can be served with any combo of fruit (and maybe whipped cream or a little powdered sugar for presentation).


I think muffins can go either way when you are looking for healthy breakfast foods. If they are made like cake, then it’s a hard pass! However, when you add nutritious ingredients like fruit, nuts, and healthy grains they can be a great way to start the day.
One of my favorites is these Medley Muffins filled with pumpkin puree that keeps them moist and bananas, oats and dried cranberries & nuts for added flavor and crunch! 
These delicious Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins hit the right notes with healthy ingredients as well as a little treat that may just turn it into one of your kids’ favorite foods!

Smoothies: My Kid’s Favorite Foods

Smoothies are honestly one of my kids’ favorite foods! My son will even ask if we have spinach (which he would never touch otherwise) before he makes his smoothie.
You can pack in SO MUCH nutrition into a smoothie and it tastes like a milkshake!!  These are a few of my favorite smoothie recipes.
You should definitely check out this recipe for Strawberry  Smoothie from that is high and protein and your kids will never guess it has a secret ingredient cottage cheese! 


We all know that kids LOVE pizza, but a delicious breakfast pizza? It’s a winner!
I love a breakfast pizza because it’s quick to eat and starts the day off with carbs and protein that will hold your kids until lunch (unless they’re teenage boys, then you’ll have to feed them every 2 hours regardless like a newborn!)
Check out this breakfast pizza from I would probably use turkey sausage and add a side of fruit and you’ve got a great start to your kids’ day!

Kids’ Favorite Foods for Lunch & Dinner

Once again, this list of popular kids’ foods isn’t likely to surprise anyone, but I think reimagining these favorites can make us all less reluctant to give our kids what they really enjoy!


Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos

When I  fix nachos, my kids feel like it’s kind of a treat!  I add beans, lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, and olives to up the nutrients!  OttawaMommyClub has a great recipe for sheet pan nachos you should check out! 


Who doesn’t love a good burger? It can really hit the spot!
We can choose a leaner choice of ground beef (or even ground turkey or chicken) to reduce the greasiness of the burger. And encourage your kids to “build their burger” with toppings. Let them experiment with pickles, green leafy lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and different dressings.
We may not want our kids to eat burgers every day, but a slightly healthier version of the traditional burger can become one of your children’s favorite foods.

  • Try this take on 5 Guys Burgers on TheCattyMum that can be made with leaner ground beef (the recipe calls for at least 10%) to make it a little better for you.
  • And this Crispy Chicken Burger from CookingSchoolDropout looks SO GOOD!!

Tacos & Quesadillas (Or Anything Wrapped In A Tortilla!)

I am in love with taco Tuesday! I absolutely love how you can build your own taco (or taco salad) with so many delicious and nutritious toppings!
Some of my favorites that I add to my protein are beans, avocado, red onion, Mexican rice, salsa, and sour cream! These Walking Tacos from Serene Trail would be fun for kids!

My go-to for busy nights is quesadilla!  I use chicken and sometimes ground beef and add all sorts of veggies to up the nutrition.  Check out my recipe for Confetti Quesadillas here


We’ve already established that kids love pizza, but here are some great twists on the everyday pizza that may become some of your kid’s favorite foods! 


Dinno nuggets will soon be one of your kids favorite foods

I used to laugh at my niece and nephew, because they didn’t want to eat anywhere that didn’t serve chicken and fries! I vowed not to let my children grow up being so picky. Have I succeeded? Somewhat!?
Here are some great takes on the traditional chicken nuggets…


I love to see my kids clean their plates, and pasta is usually one dish that can make that happen! Noodles are so fun & delicious, we understand why they make the list as some of the most popular kids foods.

Here are a few delicious pasta options that your family will enjoy!

  • Best Italian Meatballs  from FlavourfulEats – your kids will devour them paired with your favorite pasta & sauce
  • Gouda Mac & Cheese from Ambitious Foodie (elevate what is possilby the all time most popular kids food!)

Encouraging Variety

We all want our kids to eat, and sure, we can give in and let them have some of their favorite foods sometimes. However, we can still continue to introduce new and different foods to them.
Exploring different cultures, allowing kids to help in the kitchen, and even finding kids friendly versions of new dishes can all help your children to open up to different foods.
Because ultimately, we want our kids be grow and be healthy and that is accomplished when they get the right nutrients (even if it’s disguised as a cheeseburger with a side of carrots!).


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