Fun Printable Father’s Day Coupons (That Kids Can Color)!

Right on the heels of Mother’s Day, comes Father’s Day!  And it can sometimes be difficult to get something for dad that is meaningful and that he will actually like!  Of course, you can always get him another tie…. Maybe your dad is a tie connoisseur?

But if not and your feeling a little stuck, check out these fun Father’s day coupons!  These dad coupons are great because the kids can color them to personalize them! Dad will love them!

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I know it can be hard to know what to get someone who can pretty much get anything that they want for themselves!  And to make things harder, dad’s aren’t usually collectors of trinkets or flowers like moms, so it can be extra challenging to think of something that Dad will really love!


The Gift of Time

Often, we neglect to give people what they really want… our time!  It can be so much easier for us to pay $20-30 for a gift, than for us to give of ourselves!  Time is a  gift that is truly appreciated!

So, even if you do plan to give dad a gift (go ahead, buy the tie!), plan a Saturday to help dad clean out the garage as a family!  Dad will appreciate the help, and the company! Our time is worth more (and will certainly be remembered more) than a gift anyway!

Need some fun ideas for things to do on Father’s Day?  Check out this post about great Father’s Day Activities!

Father’s Day Coupons Printable Instructions

Here are some quick tips to setting up your Father’s day coupon book!

  1. Print out Father’s Day Coupons for Dad (preferably on card stock)
  2. Cut each coupon apart (use a paper cutter if you have one)
  3. Let the kids color the Coupons for Dad
  4. Optional: You may choose to mount the coupons onto a slightly larger piece of construction paper or scrapbook paper using glue.
  5. Optional:  Once the coloring is completed, you may staple these coupons together into a coupon book (be sure you have the front cover colored and ready)!
  6. Jot down a tentative date on the back of each coupon so dad will see that you are serious about following thru and honoring these coupons!
  7. On Father’s day, present your coupon book to dad (maybe as part of his gift or use the coupon book as dad’s card?)!

Let me know what you think of this Father’s day coupon book in the comments below!  Also let me know what dad thought about your unique Father’s day gift idea! ????

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