10 Thoughtful Thank You Gift Ideas for less than $15

Have you ever wanted to give a small, but meaningful gift? Maybe a small token of appreciation for help or encouragement someone has given you? A really thoughtful thank you gift idea can be a bit of a challenge.

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It can be hard to find just the right thing, especially if you don’t know the person well.  But you don’t need to go overkill for a thank you gift, a little something that shows that you care will be perfect!

I really  enjoy finding thoughtful thank you gifts & “just because” gifts  for others!  It can be so fun (it’s kind of no pressure because most of the tie people aren’t expecting anything!).  So, I thought I would share my favorite thoughtful thank you gift ideas with you in case you need a little inspiration!

Bouquet of Flowers

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is one of my favorite things in life!  Flowers can brighten my day under almost any circumstances!  But don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on flowers!  


You can go to your local grocery store and look thru their bouquets of mixed flowers. I usually find gorgeous arrangements at my local Kroger for about $15.  You can buy a vase at the grocery store, but they will likely cost a little more.  I often use mason jars & I love this little vases from Target!  They are so cute & inexpensive that I try  to keep a few on hand!

Gift Card For Coffee

This may sound like an easy gift that anyone would think of! However, think beyond just the gift card!  If you give a tired mom a $10 gift card to her favorite coffee shop and a Saturday morning off (hint: you’re the babysitter), you’ll have a very happy mama!!!

Fresh Bread & Butter

One of my new favorite gifts is a fresh baked loaf of specialty bread from a nearby bakery (I love Great Harvest Bread Co.) & a container of honey butter!  I gave Great Harvest Bread to my boys’ teachers this past Christmas & had some very happy teachers!!!  

Lotion  & Nail Polish

I love to give a yummy-scented lotion & a great nail polish as a fun gift! One of my favorites is Essie nail polish, and this coconut EOS lotion looks great! You can put the items in a basket or even just a small clear treat bag!

Special Baking Mix & Whisk

I love to cook & I enjoy it even more when I have fun tools!  So giving a cute whisk or spatula (probably my favorite kitchen tool) along with gourmet baking mix will certainly be a win!  Amazon has a great selection of these mixes including the Stonewall Kitchen brand, one that you will often find in gift shops!  (Add a tea towel & a bright ribbon & your gift will look like it came from a specialty shop!  

Vanilla & Nice Measuring Spoons

I once told my husband that he could walk into William-Sonoma and buy anything & I would be happy!  Give a baker a good quality bottle of vanilla extract (and maybe some great measuring spoons, I love these wooden ones), and you’ll have a friend for life!

Quality Chocolate

There are few things more exciting than a beautiful dark chocolate truffle!  One single truffle in a clear box can be purchased for about $3-5 and will delight any recipient!  You can often find gourmet chocolates at specialty grocery stores & gift shops. Be on the lookout for these special treats so that the next time you need an inexpensive, but thoughtful thank you gift, you’ll know where to go!

Bright Box

This one is new to me!  I just heard about Bright Box & I love the idea!  You can have a Bright box sent to someone for as little as $15.  Choose from Sunshine box, Mom Survival Box, Man Box, and many more!  

This would be such a fun gift to send or receive!  


Not everyone can go out to lunch each day at work.  If you want to make a teacher, nurse, or anyone else stuck in an office  SUPER happy, then bring them lunch (or send it) from a great restaurant!  It will surely make their day!

Bakery Cupcake or Cookie 

Don’t you know that you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cupcakes so that’s kinda the same thing!

Well, that is the truth!  A delicious cupcake in a cute pink box (that’s the color at my favorite bakery) is a winner EVERY. TIME.  And if you haven’t visited Crumbl yet, let me just tell you, these cookies are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  And they will even package them up with a little note & sticker if you want… what a fun treat!

I hope you have found a lot of thoughtful thank you gift ideas for your loved one!  Remember, it’s not about how much something costs, it’s about the thought that goes into it!  Giving is such a great feeling!  With these fun, inexpensive gifts you get to feel good about brightening someone’s day without breaking the bank!

I hope this list helps you find some really thoughtful thank you gifts!  Let me know how your gift giving goes!  


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