Great Family Picnic Ideas That Kids & Adults Will Love!

Picnics are such a fun part of the warmer weather that comes with Spring & Summer!  And although most of us can throw together a quick “picnic” without much trouble, with a little more effort & forethought, you can find some cute picnic ideas that your family & will love!

Where to Picnic?

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The options of where to have your picnic are endless, and they really just depend on you!  How far do you want to go from home? Is this picnic just for pleasure or a pit stop on a larger journey.  Each of these things will factor into where you will ultimately decide to have your picnic, but here are a few ideas!

  • State parks
  • A nearby lake
  • Jungle gym
  • At the Beach
  • Local park
  • A roadside rest area (if you’re traveling)
  • Or your own backyard

Picnicking 101: The Basics


Next you will need some basics to make your picnic more enjoyable!  

A Picnic Basket

Ok, so a picnic basket isn’t exactly necessary, but if you are a sucker for nostalgia (like me), you’ll want one of these beauties!  If you’re lookcing for cute picnic ideas, an adorable basket is a the foundation of the experience!  There are many to check out, this one is my favorite! 

If a basket isn’t something that makes you swoon, just be sure you have a large tote (I have this one and love it for carrying everything!), and a cooler to keep your food at a safe temperature!

A Picnic Blanket or Quilt

I love an old quilt for a ground covering (if you decide to stick with tradition & sit on the ground)!  But remember, if the ground is wet at all, it will likely soak thru, so take a tarp or large piece of plastic to lay down first. Or, if you know you will be picnicking a lot, you might want to look into a waterproof picnic blanket!

If you think you will be using a table for your picnic, be sure to take a tablecloth, preferably an outdoor one so any moisture won’t leak thru or stain your tablecloth!  Check out this adorable one!

Plates, napkins, & cups

Many picnic baskets come pre-filled with plastic plates & cups, but I’m all about ease!  I personally wouldn’t be excited about bringing home dirty dishes, so plan to take sturdy disposable plates, cups, & silverware to make your life easier! 

Hand Wipes & Paper Towels

You will want to have something that you can use to clean your hands, or wipe dirty surfaces, so head into your picnic armed with hand wipes & paper towels!  You’ll likely be very glad you have these with you!!

Ideas for Great Picnic Food

A family, with parents, children and grandparents, enjoy a picnic

The food is the star of the show when it comes to picnics! And once again the sky’s the limit in what you can serve. However, you need to decide, first, how much time you have, & second, what will your family prefer!  Keep in mind, you don’t have to make it hard to make it special!!

Simple Picnic Sandwiches

There’s no reason that a picnic has to have a boring, cold sandwich!  There are so many yummy picnic recipes that will make your outing not only fun, but sooooooo delicious! Find a few favorites or new delicious picnic food to try below!

Turkey Pesto Sandwiches

These simple sandwiches are delicious & are so much more than your typical turkey sandwich!  I usually make them as paninis, but they would still be delicious served cold with thick, rustic bread!

Epic Shareable BLT Sandwich

This huge, shareable BLT from Dash of Jazz looks delicious & would sure feed a crowd!

Easy Cucumber Sandwiches

I love cucumber sandwiches, and this quick & delicious recipe for Easy Cucumber Sandwiches from Making With Megan will be the perfect addition to any picnic feast!!

BBQ Chicken Crescent Roll Sandwich

This crescent roll sandwich from Pick Up Your Craft would be a wonderfully yummy alternative to a traditional sandwich!

Egg Salad Sandwiches

Recipes For Men has this simple recipe for egg salad sandwiches that will make a great, easy picnic food!

Avocado Ranch Chicken Salad Wraps

These wraps from Spend With Pennies look SO GOOD!! Talk about an upgrade from your regular picnic fare!

Rosemary Foccacia

I love foccacia & it makes the best chicken salad sandwiches!  Try out this recipe from My Pinch of Italy!

Cucumber Chicken Salad

This chicken salad from Eating on a dime is simple and would make a fresh, delicious sandwich on a croissant!

Easy Keto Chicken Salad

If you are watching your carbs, you will enjoy this bacon cream cheese chicken salad from Kim & Kalee!

Traditional Picnic Food Ideas

Skillet Fried Chicken

A real Southern picnic almost always includes fried chicken, and this picnic fried chicken from Food Meanderings is a finger-licking Picnic recipe for sure!

Loaded Potato Salad

I am not usually a potato salad fan, but this loaded potato salad from Drugstore Divas looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Caesar Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is kind of a given picnic food, but a great pasta salad is so much better than just a regular old bland salad!! Try this yummy Caesar Pasta Salad from Little Sunny Kitchen for a fresh, flavorful spin on an old classic!

Bacon Ranch Broccoli Salad 

When you add bacon & ranch to just about anything you have a hit, and this recipe from Easy Family Recipes looks FABULOUS!

Creamy Grape Cheesecake Salad

If you’ve never had a grape salad before, you might not know what to think at first, but just try it and I’m sure you’ll be a convert!  Try this creamy Grape Cheesecake Salad from This Old Gal for a perfect picnic recipe!

Sunny Picnic Quiches

Want a little something fancier than sandwiches for your picnic? Try these awesome little Sunny Picnic Quiches Fab Food 4 all!  They are the perfect little portable, hand-held food for a mobile meal!

Spring Vegetable Tart

You will be so impressed with this beautiful dish from Seven Roses, but surprised how easy it is to make!! Wow your fellow picnickers with this Spring Tart!!

Picnic Food for Kids

Peanut Butter Banana Wraps

We make these easy wraps for the kids a lot when they need a quick snack!  Take a tortilla, spread peanut butter over it (add a little Nutella if you really want to go all out)!  Then, place a whole banana in the middle & roll it up!  You can then cut the rollups in little slices or eat it whole!

Homemade Mac & Cheese 

Nothing is more kid-friendly than mac & cheese, and this recipe from Meals & Mile Markers looks like a perfect version of the comfort food favorite!

Kid Friendly Pasta Salad

The kids need a yummy side dish too! The cute bow tie pasta & the brightly colored vegetable make this pasta salad from Little Sunny Kitchen so fun & yummy!

Red, White & Blue Cheese Board

I love a cheese board and this one from Dash of Jazz looks amazing!  Kids will love it because it’s kind of like a huge lunchable (but with healthier food)!

Picnic Desserts

Cowboy Cookies

These are my favorite cookies ever!! What makes them so great is that you can change up the mix-ins based on what your family likes or the occasion! Fourth of July Picnic?  Add Red, white & blue M & Ms!

No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake In A Jar

Who doesn’t love a great cheesecake? And these adorable little individual cheesecakes in mason jars from Eating On A Dime are so cute!!  I’m pretty sure Mason Jars are the official glassware of a picnic!

Graham Cracker Brownies

Well, I’m just letting you know that these Graham Cracker Brownies from Retro Recipe Box might have to be made well before my next picnic!! They looks so ooey & gooey… they would be a great dessert for a picnic… or anytime!

S’Mores Muddy Buddies

These Vegan Muddy Buddies from Pink Fortitude will definitely be a hit! With vegan chocolate chips, marshmallows, graham cracker pieces, pretzels & sunbutter, these delicious treats will disappear quickly!

Snickers Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats

I love a good rice krispie treat & what makes them a great picnic food is that they are super quick & easy to make!  And this delicious variation is no different!  Try these yummy bars and I’m sure they’ll become a family favorite!

Fun Activities for Picnics

Looking for some fun activities to keep everyone entertained during your outing?  Check out these fun ideas for picnic activities & games!

Picnic Scavenger Hunt

Head over to Plan Party Plan for a free printable Picnic Scavenger Hunt for a fun picnic activity!

Outdoor Games

Chances are that you have some fun games or activities laying around your house that would be perfect to take on your family picnic, here are a few ideas for inspiration!

  • Frisbee- my family loves these Activ Flyers
  • Football
  • Bubbles- this big bubble wand would be some much fun for kids!
  • Badmitton
  • Cornhole
  • Kan Jam– some of our friends love this game! There’s even a lit up version which I love!!!

Picnicking can be such a fun time for your family!  And with a little planning and some great picnic ideas, you’ll be ready to go have a fun together!  I hope that you have found some useful picnic ideas here!  Just remember, don’t stress too much about the details! The important part is enjoying time together as a family!

Do you love to picnic?  Do you have any other tips that would make picnicking better?  Leave your ideas & advice in the comments below!!


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