Mother’s Day Printable Bookmarks to Color

Several years ago at church, my Sunday School class make bookmarks for Mother’s day!  The kids loved it and I did too!  There is nothing better than a kid’s craft or activity that is useful as well as meaningful!  (You know what I mean!!  Don’t you feel guilty when you have to eventually throw away that macaroni art?  Come on, we can’t keep that stuff FOREVER!!).  But I still have that bookmark!

So, this year, I decided that I would make several printable Mother’s day bookmarks that can be printed and colored!  This way, each child can decorate their own special gift for mom or grandma!   These bookmarks also have sweet quotes, Scripture, or message on them that make them extra special!

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Special Gifts From The Kids

I know, for my kids, it’s important that they have something that they can give to me and their grandmas that is just from them, and I think this is a great option for a gift from the kids!

And with 5 different designs, you can print these out and give each child a different bookmark to color for mom or grandma!  These can also be great to take to church for a Mother’s Day craft with a children’s class!  Allow the children to write a special message on the back of the bookmark if they want to!

If you have the children color these bookmark a week or so ahead, you can laminate  them. You can buy an inexpensive laminator for about $30, I lucked up and got mine for$17, and I love it! You can also take them to a teacher’s center to be laminated.

Next, punch a small hole in the top middle of the bookmark.  You can run a piece of ribbon thru the hole (place the middle loop thru the hole) and then  pull the 2 ends thru the opposite loop to make a neat knot for your bookmark!

These little Mother’s Day Printable bookmarks are a simple craft that will be a cherished memory for years to come! You can download them now in the Resource 

library.  I hope that you enjoy them!




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