Printable Easter Scripture Cards

As Christians we know  how  important  it is that we teach our children the Word of God!  And no Scripture is more important than the verses about Jesus and His great sacrifice for us!

As Christians, we likely hear these verses week to week in church.  But during this season of remembering Christ’s death & resurrection, we should make a special point of teaching our children these truths & why Jesus came to die for us!

Making the Gospel REAL

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Have you ever had Gods Word just come alive to you! You are reading and suddenly, it just all makes sense?  Or maybe a Sunday School teacher explains something in a way that opens our eyes & helps us to really understand?

I think it is our jobs to help our children understand God’s word in this way!  Although our children will see things very differently than we will as adult, we can help them apply the Bible to their lives in a way that they can begin to learn what God wants for their lives!

That is my goal for these Scripture cards & accompanying devotions!  I would like for you to be able to read these Scriptures with your children & talk about them!

  • Discuss how they would feel if they had grown up in Jesus’ time?
  • What do they think Jesus would have been like?
  • Would they have wanted to be friends with Jesus? (Especially in light of what we know from Isaiah 53:2 )
  • Ask your child how they would feel if they had been one of Jesus’ disciples?
  • What would it mean to forsake all & follow Jesus?

These are just a few of the many verses that can help your child grow in their knowledge & faith in Jesus! You can take these Easter Bible verses & read one each day throughout Holy Week, making a special time to draw closer to the Lord as a family as you near Resurrection morning!

However you use them, my prayer is that they will touch the heart of each one in your family to love the Lord more & to live your lives for HIM!!

 You can put them together on a ring so you can have them easily accessible when you are out & about!  Let me know what you think about them & if you are using them in the comments below!



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