Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Kids

I LOVE stockings (ok, ok I do have a LONG list of LOVES!)!  I may have mentioned before that my mom is a stocking stuffing guru!  Opening her stockings is like going to Oprah’s Favorite Things (without the car!)… one wonderful surprise after another!

So now that I have 4 kids, I have to really watch myself, because I can totally get carried away filling their stockings!  I could easily spend our entire Christmas budget & only have stocking stuffers! Because it’s so much fun to find stocking stuffers for kids!

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Portrait Of Two Excited Children Wearing Pajamas Sitting On Stairs Holding Stockings On Christmas Morning

Why Are Stockings So Great?

Just think, you get to open lots of little gifts (assuming you wrap them… Do it! That’s half the fun!) and get lots of great surprises!  And don’t think I am being cheap… You can really fill those stockings up with some high dollar items if you want to!

However, I used to find myself buying things that I thought would be fun, only to have them opened & thrown on the floor! Fun to look at, but not great to play with long term!

So here is a great list of idea of stocking stuffers for kids.  These are ideas for things that your kids will love & that won’t be ready for the donate pile on February 1st!

What Makes Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids?

I think that it’s important to think thru your stocking stuffers before you start buying.  Remember, size matters when you are filling these!  Keep large items for a gift that can be placed in a box & wrapped.  Think small, miniature, travel, etc.

Also, it’s super important to think quality over quantity! Try to find items that will have a special meaning rather than ones that just dazzle for a moment. Look for treasured items, not toys that will be broken or lost in just a few days.

And plan to limit the candy!  Most of us don’t allow our kids unlimited candy, so why do they get so much candy on holidays (I am SO GUILTY!!).  Instead, think of special snacks that they love, but  don’t get often as a good addition to your stocking stuffings!

Great Ideas For Stocking Stuffer for Kids

Travel Toys

If you have a block lover (listen up fellow Lego moms), you need to check these PlusPlus blocks out!  My boys love these blocks and they are portable & stored in their own carrying tube.
Travel games are absolutely awesome if you have a little puzzlemaster in your family!  My son loves games like Kanoodle & Coggy. These are great mindbending games for one that will keep them entertained, not frustrated, for hours!

PlayDough is a timeless toy for creative kids.  It is super inexpensive & although it can get messy if your child isn’t ready for it, it can provide hours of fun (I know it did for me!!). Other types of clay can be a great option too!  I love Model Magic because it air dries & can be “painted” with magic markers!

If your kids love to play games, you might consider buying a set of playing cards like SkipBoPhase 10. or Spot It!


I can get completely carried away with books, but books can be found in all sizes, just be sure to keep in mind how much room you will have in the top of each stocking for books to read or color! My boys love these joke books!

Art Supplies

Art supplies can be a great gift, but ones that can be carried along easily are especially nice!  If you have a budding artist, you might consider buying a little pricier set of colored pencils, or a set of watercolor paints & an art notebook.

So, I know that I just mentioned not getting a bunch of candy for your kids, but there are lots of options for healthy snack out there!  Like trail mix, or nuts (each of my kids could devour a can of cashew without help!) or dried fruit.


We all have things that our kids need that are often extra expenses to your budget throughout the year.  This might be a time to get those things, and you might even be able to get some things that they will use every day, but that they really like because you took the time to buy them a favorite character or  design.

Hat & Gloves

Cold weather accessories are important for your kids to have if you live in a place with cold winters.  And if you are anything like our wild house, you can’t find matches to any of last years stuff as the season rolls around! Find a warm snugly toboggan & fuzzy gloves that your kids will want to keep up with. (Maybe get different colors for each child so they will be easier to distinguish from each other.

a winter hat can make a useful stocking stuffer for kids


This may sound silly, but when my kids need toothbrushes, I usually just go with the cheap kind, because a $5 superhero toothbrush really starts to add up when you’ve got 4 kids!  That is why something as simple as a toothbrush with their favorite superhero or cartoon character would delight them so much at Christmas!  Little things like this, just a little more personalized to your child can make their stockings a real hit!


I’m not sure about your house, but I’m pretty sure we have a sock eating monster here in our house!  We can NOT keep sock that match/fit/don’t have holes in them no matter how many I seem to buy! So, buy your kids a pack of socks a piece… find some that you know they will really like, and make sure they are different enough that they won’t get mixed in with their siblings!  Cute patterned sock are also a great option if you have kids that will wear them….. I however do not!! =(
kids socks

Soap or Shower Gel

Depending on the age of your child, bathing may or may not be an activity that they willingly participate in!  Buying a fun soap on a rope or fruity shower gel might make bath time a little more fun!
Alligator soap-on-a-rope can make a fun stocking stuffer for kids!
Personalized Mug or Water Bottle

It seems like my kids are forever looking for a water bottle or cup that they can carry along with them! This can be a great gift for stockings, because you can buy the bottle & add the vinyl (purchased separately if you want) & apply it yourself!

Wallet or Jewelry

Several years ago I bought each of my boys a wallet for Christmas.  They have really enjoyed them & it has taught them (well, we are still teaching them) the value of money & the importance of keeping up with their own money.

For my daughter, I have purchased a small pearl bracelet & pearl necklace for her that she wears primarily to church.  You may find a toddler or child size necklace or bracelet that your little one will love. Check out these beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handmade gifts from Ann & Joy (shown below) that would be a wonderful gift for any age!

Beautiful jewelry can make a great stocking stuffer for kids.

Gift Card

Just a few weeks ago, my mother-in-law asked me for a non-candy gift idea for my kids for Halloween.  I thought for a while, and I finally came back to her with a gift card/certificate to their favorite Frozen Yogurt place in town.

We go occasionally, but we almost always get the smallest cups for the kids so that it doesn’t break the bank when we pay for 5= $6 FroYos! So, a gift of a “big cup” is a big deal to my guys!

You can purchase a $5 gift card to Amazon or a movie theater ticket that they can redeem later.  Think of things that they love to do, and find ways to give them something to look forward to!

Kids Coupons

Something I struggle with as a mom, is making one-on-one time with my kids a priority.  But I think this is something that they definitely need!  You can give your kids a coupon for some one on one time by printing my coupons (found for free in my Resource Library) for kid-mom quality time.  This gives your child a chance to ask for an ice cream date, their favorite supper, etc., or anything you want to make it!

Want to make sure that the one-on-one time happens?  Give your kids the power to ask for it, and you won’t have to worry, they will make sure that it will happen!!!

A Kid's Coupon make great stocking stuffers for kids!

Subscription Boxes

You may have already picked up on my love for subscription boxes!  These are great little gifts that get delivered throughout the year which allow the kids (or teens, or adults) to anticipate the fun goodies they will get with each box!

Each month/quarter (or you can even schedule a one-time box), your child will receive a box with activites. They will love it, and I almost guarantee it will be on their list every year! So, why not add a little coupon or note in their stocking to let them know they will soon be receiving a special surprise in the mail?

Here are a few ideas:

Kiwi Crate is a subscription box for little innovators with tons of STEAM/STEM activites!

Little Passports is a subscription box that allows kids to learn about other countries & cultures thru recipes & activities.

Craft & Boogie has awesome seasonal craft boxes, busy boxes for traveling, camping & even superhero busy kits for kids!

I am a huge fan of STEM toys, and now Amazon has an Amazon STEM Toy Club, check it out here!

If you want to find out about other kids subscription boxes, this is a great post by mysubscriptionaddiction.com.

Little brother and baby sister looking at their stockings

I hope that you have got a lot of great ideas for awesome stocking stuffers for kids!  I hope this will help your stockings the highlight of your Christmas morning, like it has been mine!

Do you have another great idea for stocking stuffers for kids? Please share it in the comments below! 


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