Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

When Christmas rolls, around things get so hectic that often the adults in our house get kind of left out!  You know, we’ll say “just don’t get me anything this year” or “ we just really don’t have the money”.  And while that may be true, I think it’s important for our kids to see us giving and receiving!

My oldest son used to notice that he and his brothers got gifts, but Mom & Dad didn’t have anything to open on Christmas morning, and that bothered him.  So after a year or so of talking about this with him, we decided that Mom & Dad would give each other stockings!

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Stocking stuffers are so fun and although they can get expensive, there are lots of options that aren’t!  So here is a fun list of stocking stuffer ideas for women that can get you “other halves” started. These ideas range from inexpensive (less than $10), to a little more expensive, so hopefully you’ll be able to find a few things to fill her stocking!  

Stocking Stuffers for Women

When it comes to getting a gift for women, I believe the key to getting something that we will really like, is to give us something special! Most women will go out and buy whatever they need, but so many times, we pass up things that we would love to have because we don’t have the money or it feels frivolous.

My mom is the ULTIMATE stocking stuffer!! She fills the absolutely best stockings, and although she spends quite a bit of money on them, the ideas are transferable to less expensive items.  I think what makes her stockings so great, is that she fills them with items that we can use, but they are just a little extra special!  

For example, she doesn’t just give us socks, but beautiful warm winter socks, or a personalized Christmas ornament, a rare chocolate, a $10 gift card to a favorite coffee shop… the goal is to make the recipient feel pampered!! So, especially for the guys, I am going to link to specific products that might help you nail the Christmas gifts this year!! 

Bath Accessories

I love to have special lotions and shower gels for different times of the year, it makes my every day routine a little more fun! You can find a seasonal shower gel at your local big box store (usually Softsoap has seasonal fragrances for about $4), or you could order this yummy Philosophy Christmas Cookie scented shower gel. Or go the extra mile and fill up her stocking with one of these holiday sets!

Another really fun idea that really looks great in a gift (presentation matters fellas), is bath bombs!  They are beautiful and so fun to use… just make sure you give her some time for peace & quiet so she can use them!


Perfume is a staple for many women, and although many women keep their favorite on hand, it can be nice to have a small rollerball version for their purse.  This Pacifica Blood Orange  is my favorite perfume, and a simple rollerball is a perfect portable gift that makes a great stocker stuffer for women!


Gloves & Scarf may be a winter given, but a cute scarf and set of gloves is a real winner!  I bought a pair of CC gloves last year, and I really do like them.  They are stylish & fit me better than most gloves.

Scarves are something that a women can’t really have to many of, in my opinion.  And there are lots of options for nice winter scarves, but the CC brand has scarves also.  I also love these beautiful scarves.

Favorite Coffee

I am a coffee addict (it’s a recent diagnosis). And I love to try new or different brands.  Recently, I found Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas coffee in Publix and it made me so happy!! When I was in college we would stop at Barnies and get a Santa’s White Christmas frappe’, so this was a little bit of nostalgia that brought back such fun memories!  So, find something that is new or a favorite that might be seasonal, and treat her to it!!   

Good Chocolate

box of chocolates
I love good chocolate!! My mom says that I have ruined her now that she has had really good chocolate!! Find something that is an indulgence, something that she doesn’t buy for herself everyday, and get that for her!  I personally love Lindt chocolate and it can be found in your local grocery store for under $5! Of course there are more expensive options like these if you want to check them out!

Special Cooking & Baking Supplies

I often tell my husband that if he wants to get me something and he doesn’t know what, that I will take anything from Williams Sonoma!  If you have a foodie on your hands, (Williams Sonoma or somewhere similar) might just be your jackpot.  One of my favorite things there is their spatulas, I have several different colors (and even one with a snowman)! A bottle of good vanilla, Himalayan sea salt (I have one similar to this) for cooking, there are lots of great things you can find!!

If you’re buying for someone who loves to bake, check out my 10 Favorite Baking Essentials for more ideas (can’t promise that they’ll all fit in a stocking though!).

Here is a link to a couple of ideas on Amazon in case you (like us) have a trek to a good kitchen store!

photo of festive Christmas sprinkles

Nail Polish

I love having my nails done, but I often don’t have the time or  money to go somewhere to get them done.  But having a new bottle of Nail Polish can make doing your nails yourself so much more exciting!  I love all of these neutral nail colors, they would be great for anyone! 

Lip Balm

Chap-stick or lip balm is easy find.  But look for a seasonal flavor so it will feel a little extra special!  EOS even has a holiday collection that will be win for sure!!! You could always add a lip exfoliater (aka scrub) too! Check these out!
a tin of holiday chapsticks Sugar Scrub Cubes

Speaking of exfoliaters, I recently found a bottle of little scrub cubes at target, and I AM IN LOVE!  These are the best thing, not as messy as a jar of scrub and so cute!! Check these out, there is a great variety of sugar scrub cubes, but I would go with a seasonal scent (if you can find it) for a Christmas gift!!


There are lots of options when it comes to jewlery, but remember when we talked about getting something special?  Well, the jewlery from Ann & Joy is most definitely special!  I absolutely LOVE pretty much everything in their shop and I think you will too!

beautiful jewlery with dried flowers in each piece

Use the code SWEETEST20 and you will get an extra 20% of your order from Ann & Joy!  Happy Shopping!

Coupons or Gift Certificates

A gift certificate for a massage or facial would always be great, in my opinion, but be sure to know where your “other half” likes to go for these services.  A gift card to a nice restaurant with a promise of a date night (schedule it & have a babysitter set up!) would also a wonderful gift idea!!

In case you didn’t know, what most moms want and NEED is a day off.  Not a “this is your day off, so you better go enjoy it” day off, but a coupon for a day (maybe even a day a month) with you taking over the kids and letting her do whatever she wants…. even if it’s staying alone (no kids running in and out) in her bedroom watching TV! Be thoughtful & generous with your time and it will make a big impression (and it’s free)!!!

christmas tree with lights on

Subscription Boxes

Now, if you’re a guy reading this, you may not be familiar with subscription boxes… so let me fill you in!  A subscription box is a box that comes from a company that specializes in things you love i.e. beauty products, clothing, jewlery,etc.  This company sends you a box per month (or quarterly) filled with all kinds of goodies that will (most often) be a surprise to you!  This is SUCH a fun gift!! And boy, will you get lots of brownie points for giving her a subscription box full of something that  she enjoys!?!

And what, might you ask, does a subscription box have to do with stocking stuffer ideas for women?  Put the certificate or note telling her about the box in the bottom of her stocking and …Wow! what a finale!!

Here’s a few great options for subscription boxes for women:

  • Birchbox- sample-sized beauty box, $15/month
  • Emma & Chloe- jewlery box, $35/month
  • StitchFix- clothing box, $20/per box styling fee that goes toward any clothes that are purchased
  • Fit Fab Fun box- beauty, fashion, trendy items, $49.99 quarterly 

If you want to get a better idea of the different kinds of subscription boxes (and no, you don’t have to pay for a year… you can order just one or two if you want!), check out this post.  It has a long list of subscription boxes you can pick from!

couple kissing, holding "merry & bright" card

Mix & Match for a Great Gift

I hope you have gotten some great stocking stuffer ideas for women here!  This list could go on and on, but you can definitely find some special things that will fill a stocking and make somebody very happy!

Want to remember these ideas for later?  Save this post to your favorite Pinterest board!


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