14 Simple & Stress-Free 4th of July Activities for Families 

Holidays are the perfect time to kick our everyday routine up a notch and create fun-filled memories for our kids!  Sometimes it’s the simplest things that they will remember the most!  This list of 4th of July activities could be adapted for almost any holiday, but take each suggestion, and make it your own!  That’s how family traditions are made!

1. Festive Breakfast

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This has been one of the easiest, but most exciting things for my kids as we celebrate different holidays.  I will sneak around downstairs after the kids go to sleep and set up our table for breakfast the next morning so they can wake up to a patriotic surprise!  This little treat usually costs less than $10 and takes about 15 minutes, but brings my children so much joy! I’m sure it will for your kids too!

  • Start with a tablecloth that is either neutral or goes along with your 4th of July theme.
  • Get inexpensive 4th of July plates & napkins (they don’t have to be fancy). 
  • Add red, white & blue candies to the table as  “confetti”.  
  • Make a simple 4th of July centerpiece using flags & red or white flowers.
  • If you are feeling really ambitious, hang red, white & blue balloons with ribbon from the light over your table. ( I have a hanging light fixture with 5 individual glass votives.  I usually tie a balloon to each end of a curling ribbon and hang them over each votive varying the height of the balloons). 
  • You can find all kind of cute holiday themed treats at the dollar store (our local Dollar Tree is a treasure trove of goodies).  Placing a sheet of stickers, glow sticks, or patriotic ring pops at each place will have your children over the moon before breakfast even begins!

2. Fun Games for the Kids

There are so many great games that can be adapted for the 4th of July, here are just a few!

Scavenger Hunt

Give your kids a list things to find around the house that are related to the 4th of July, (i.e. an american flag, 5 different stars, the word FREE printed on something, etc.

Red, White & Blue Water Balloons

Give your waterballoon fight a patriotic spin by using red, white & blue balloons.

Patriotic Twister

Spray paint dots on the grass to make a red, white, & blue twister board!

Watermelon Spitting Contest

I think this one kind of goes without explanation! ????

3. Patriotic Food

This is one of my favorite 4th of July activities!  You can turn up your red, white & blue on almost any food!  Here are just a few!

Firecracker Hot Dog 

Wrap a hot dog in a spiral with a refrigerated bread stick, place on a skewer and bake.  When out of the oven, add a small star cheese cutout.

Red White & Blue Oatmeal

This became one of my kids favorites a few years ago when I added blueberries and strawberries to their oatmeal and named it (obviously…) red, white & blue oatmeal!  They have loved it ever since!  

Patriotic Cowboy Cookies

Checkout my recipe for the best Cowboy cookies E-V-E-R!! Add red, white & blue M&Ms and Ta-Da! You have the perfect patriotic dessert!

Patriotic Pancakes 

Make traditional pancakes and add strawberries & blueberries on the top (or to the batter).  Top these Patriotic Pancakes with whipped cream for a delicious (& healthy) breakfast!

4.  Festive 4th of July Crafts

There are lots of fun & easy crafts that can be great for an Independence Day activity, here are a few of my favorites!

DIY Flag Canvas

Take an inexpensive canvas (I found some for $1 at our Dollar Tree several weeks ago!), and sketch out a simple flag. Then let the kids use red, white & blue buttons, beads, pieces of paper or even their painted finger to make an adorable flag decoration!                      

Red, White & Blue Tie dye

We are always looking for 4th of July shirts for the kids, so letting them create their own with tie dye. This can be a great outdoor activity for the kiddos.

5.  Simple DIY Decor

DIY Banner or Bunting

Take different patterns of red, white & blue fabric and cut it into 1 inch strips (tip: with many different kinds of fabric, you can rip the strips once you cut the edge of the fabric). Tie each piece of fabric along a ribbon or twine to make a cute fabric bunting to tie along your mantle or porch railing.

6. All- American Books

Often when celebrating holidays, we forget to teach our children the why behind our fun.  Here are a few books that can be a great way to learn about  what the  4th of July is all about!!

7.  Bike Decorating Contest

Something my kids love to do around the 4th of July is to decorate their bicycles!  They have so much fun fixing up their bikes with ribbons, flags and signs. If you’ve got friends or family with young kids coming over for a cookout, have a fun bicycle decorating contest.  Set out a box of all kinds of fabric, ribbon, poster board, markers, stickers, etc and let the kids go to it!  When the kids get all done, the adults can be the judges! 

8.  All-American Meal

Plan an true-blue American meal and invite friends & family!  Let your kids help plan the menu and talk about what makes each item “all-american”. Here are some ideas

  • Hamburgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Apple Pie
  • Watermelon
  • Root Beer Floats
  • Homemade Ice Cream
  • Funnel Cakes

9.  Make Homemade Ice Cream

To me, there is nothing more summery than enjoying homemade ice cream!  If you want to stick with the red, white and blue theme, you could make vanilla, blueberry, and cherry-chocolate chip (my all-time favorite!).  Check out my AWESOME homemade ice cream recipe that can be adapted for any flavor and is SUPER easy!

10.  Side Walk Chalk Mural

Let your kiddos go full Picasso on your pavement! Have them draw a fireworks display in sidewalk chalk, or a Independence Day Parade! 

11.  Go to a Local 4th of July event

The number of 4th of July activities open to the public this year may be somewhat limited, but typically each community will have their own fun event.  Check your local newspaper or Facebook page to find your options!

12.  Independence Day Family Picnic

Go on a outing as a family with a fun picnic lunch.  Use red, white & blue bandannas for napkins, watermelon cut into star shapes (the kids will love helping to make these). Check out some other great picnic ideas here

13.  Family Fireworks

I love this idea, even if it is a belated birthday celebration for America!  Wait until a few days after the 4th (when all of the fireworks go on sale) and have your own fireworks show at your home!  Invite friend & family to  a cookout at your homeland when it gets dark, shoot off all of those fun fireworks! 

14.  Patriotic Playlist

I love music, and I enjoy listening to music for all kinds of seasons and holidays.  I have created a fun playlist of music celebrating our country. Check it out here and teach your children some oldies but goodies that they may not have heard before! 



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