Teacher Appreciation Printables Help Create The Perfect Gift

As the end of the school year approaches, it’s a great time to show appreciation for the hardworking teachers who have made a difference in our lives and those of our children. As you plan for your end-of-year gifts, check out these adorable teacher appreciation printable gift tags that will make your gift extra special! 

Teacher appreciation printables are a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your gift and show your appreciation for all the hard work and dedication teachers put into their job. We all know that teaching can be sure a challenging, although rewarding, job!  Take a moment to show your appreciation for the ones that pour into your children each day with these great ideas and a fun and festive (and FREE) teacher appreciation printable to go with it!

Adorable Teacher Appreciation Printables for thoughtful gifts

Gifts Ideas

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If you’re stumped on what your child’s teacher might want, here is a full post about thoughtful teacher appreciation gifts.  Also, below is a quick list of gift ideas that would look great with your adorable teacher appreciation printable gift tag! 

  1. Gift card to a local coffee shop
  2. Bouquet of flowers
  3. Box of chocolates
  4. Book by the teacher’s favorite author
  5. Handwritten note of appreciation (check out this free printable)
  6. Homemade baked goods (but you won’t go wrong by ordering these! YUM!!!)
  7. Plant or succulent
  8. Set of personalized note cards
  9. Self-care kit (candles, bath bombs, etc.)
  10. Gift certificate for a massage or spa treatment

Just add a personalized gift tag, and any of these gifts can become a meaningful way to show your appreciation for a teacher’s hard work and dedication. Get your FREE Teacher Appreciation Printable Card Below!

 What You Need With Your Teacher Appreciation Printable

These are just a few ideas for teacher appreciation printable gift tags, but the possibilities are endless.  Once you have your gift card printed on cardstock or adhesive paper, simply cut it out (this is my absolute favorite cutter for perfectly straight cuts!), let your child write his or her name, and attach it to your gift with a ribbon or twine. (You can also attach the card to the top of a dowel or wooden skewer to make a cute tag that is part of a flower arrangement or flower pot).

Teacher appreciation printables are an easy way to make any gift seem extra special for the hardworking teachers in your life. With a little creativity and this cheerful printable, you can create a special gift that will make a lasting impression on your teacher.

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