Fun Holidays to Celebrate With Your Kids

I truly enjoy Christmas! There are so many things that you can do that make the holidays extra fun!  But sometimes, I just wish I could spread that festivity out thru the whole year!  And guess what? I can!  There are all kinds of fun holidays that you can celebrate with your family to encourage fun traditions & making memories the whole year thru!!

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So, here are just a few ideas of how to celebrate (almost) everything!  And be sure to get my free printable download “Celebrate Every Day” to help you stay on top of these fun & wacky holidays!

Ideas for Awesome Fun Holidays

January 6th- Cuddle Up Day

Unfortunately, I already missed this one this year!  But Cuddle up day sounds like a perfect day to stay  home with some hot chocolate, PJs, & a good movie on the couch (or piled 5 in a chair like we do!) with the ones you love!  This day reminds me of the danish tradition of hygee, which I am quickly falling in love with! It encourages togetherness, coziness & comforting foods!  Soup & warm bread anyone?

February 4th- Thank A Mailman Day

Our Mail men & women have really hard jobs & seem to get little appreciation for it!  I know that over the holidays, I had multiple packages delivered to my house each day, and our local mail-person delivered most of them!  So why not have some fun thinking of a great way to thank them?  How about a special dessert from a local bakery or a mini-party in your mailbox (one that’s easy to clean up, of course!).  I’m sure they will appreciate anything that you do, and it will help to get you and your family thinking about others that serve us daily!

March 11- Plant a Flower day

What a fun holiday this one is!  Just as we are really needing nudge into spring, we get “Plant a flower day”!  Take your little ones & allow them to pick out 1 flower & 1 pot each from a local nursery or home improvement store. Then, take them home to plant!  Be sure that your are prepared to bring your plants in.  Remember, for most of us the last day for possible frost is usually the middle of April, so you may need to keep your plants under shelter at least in the evenings.

cute little boy with watering can in summer park

April 10th- National Sibling Day

Now, April has lots of wacky & fun holidays, but I just had to pick this one! Not only is it my birthday, it is my oldest brother’s birthday also!  How about that for sibling day!!!  I think national sibling day would be a great day to allow your kids to work together to plan a meal or  put on a skit or talent show!  Whatever they do, encourage their cooperation with each other!

May 20th- Pick A Strawberry Day

Whether you have easy access to picking strawberries or not, I bet you can find a pick-your-own farm fairly close by (especially with May being prime Strawberry season)!  And what a fun memory that would be!  If you don’t get out to pick your own strawberries at a farm, maybe “pick” some at the store & make a strawberry shortcake as a family, or even work together to make wonderful strawberry freezer jam!

Kids pick strawberry on berry field in summer

June 18th-International Picnic Day

Now it doesn’t seem right to stay inside & eat on International picnic day, does it?  Pack up a lunch (be sure to grab your picnic basket if you’ve got one) and find a shady,grassy spot to lay our a blanket & enjoy the warm breeze & good food!  Let your little ones pack up some favorite snacks also (mine love trail mix, it makes them feel like they are going on an adventure!).

July 1st- Creative Ice Cream Flavor

This may just be my favorite fun holidays ever!  Make this day a special family day & have a contest to see just who can come up with the best (& most creative) ice cream flavor of them all!  You can make teams or work alone, but at the end of the day, be sure to invite your family & friends for a cookout & have a few of your most impartial guests judge the best & most creative ice cream!  (You could even turn your party into a bigger contest by inviting guests to bring their own favorite creations & then give a prize for the winner!).

Adorable little girl eating tasty fresh ice cream outdoors

August 1st- Campfire day

Well, I can tell you that in Tennessee, that the first day of August is really no time for a campfire!  We are all huddled inside ar+ound the air conditioner instead! Lol!  But, if you are looking for some entertainment, make a small campfire in the late evening & roast a few s’mores!  If you are blessed with a guitar player, sit around that campfire & sing!!!

September 19th- Talk Like a Pirate Day

This fun holiday, may be the wackiest of them all!!  On Talk like a pirate day, serve fish & chips for supper on a black tablecloth with a skull & crossbones!  Be on the lookout for bandannas for each family member to tie around their heads & eye patches from the dollar store! Place gold coins & gold plastic necklaces on the table, and serve blue jello with whipped cream & Swedish fish on top for dessert! Arg!

Happy boy pirate costume

October 17th- The Sweetest Day

I came across this holiday in my calendar this year, and had to find out more (since it goes perfectly with my blog!).  The Sweetest day started in the early 1900s by candy makers marketing their candy to sweethearts, much like Valentine’s day.  However, over the year, the day has become something much more significant, and is still celebrate in some parts of Ohio & Indiana. states,

“On National Sweetest Day, take care of all those who need extra attention. Even those who need significant care, when given the smallest token, will feel the effects.  A little treat, a card, a show of support during a time of need may be the sweetest gift on this day.”

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful holiday to start celebrating with your family each year?  Make memories with each other by helping those less fortunate!

November 13th-  World Kindness Day

As with The Sweetest Day above, World Kindness Day is a time that we can think of others!  Brainstorm with your children ways to show love & kindness to others!

  • Pay for the people’s coffee behind you at Starbucks
  • Put candy bars on people’s windshield at the grocery store
  • Help an elderly neighbor with yard work

But, whatever you do, show kindness, and remind your children, that it often feels best when done in secret!

Two young girls' hands being held against the sky while holding a flower.

December 8th- National Brownie Day

Before you get into the crazy, busy holiday season, celebrate just one more little known, but still super fun holiday!  Make brownies for dessert & serve warm with ice cream, hot fudge, nuts, sprinkles, cherries, & any other toppings that you can think of in honor of National Brownie Day!

Fun Holidays, Celebrating Every Day!

I hope you have discovered some fun ideas for little-know, crazy, wacky fun holidays that you and your family can celebrate together!! Don’t forget to download my Celebrate Everyday printable from my Resource Library today!

And just remember, don’t feel like you have to do everything!  Just pick a fun holiday or two & enjoy that special time with your family & make sweet memories!!




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