A Fun Birthday Tradition: Birthday Countdown Printable

I have mentioned before that my family & I love countdowns (hence my love of Advent Calendars!).  It is so much fun to build up the anticipation for a holiday or event!  So, I have been thinking, why should birthdays be any different?

In our family, we don’t buy a lot of toys for our kids except for on birthdays & Christmas (lest you get too concerned that they are deprived, let me assure you that they have PLENTY! Lol!).  But this causes them to really plan for & anticipate their  birthdays far in advance!! They will tell me months ahead of their birthdays, “Mom, I want this Lego set, and this cake & this for supper on my birthday”!

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Isn’t it fun to look forward to something? And it’s good for our kids to see how our desire for that something that they think they just have to have, can change over time!

Birthday Countdown

So, I thought that a Birthday Countdown would be a wonderful new birthday tradition!!  There are lot of great ideas for birthday traditions that you can start with your family! (Check out my post here to get lots of great ideas)! A birthday countdown is a perfect tradition to begin with your little ones (or big ones), because it really is SO SIMPLE!


All you have to do is download the free printable (found in my Resource Library), and give it to your child a month before their birthday!  Let them mark each day of the countdown off with a pen or marker, or you can find some cute washi tape for them to use to cross out each day!

Just remember that a new birthday tradition doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult! Often, with so many “Pinterest Perfect” images online, we feel that making memories with our children has to look a certain way!


But the best traditions are enjoyable… something that you can do without a lot of stress! So, take a minute to print the Birthday Countdown.  When you tell your child about it, they will be so excited they will be sure to remind you!  And before you know if, with little effort at all, you’ll be making memories!

Check out this cute one too!  I had a lot of fun making it! =)

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