Fun Bedtime Questions for Kids

The evening hours at our house can be especially stressful! (Ever heard of the witching hour?). Trying to get homework done, supper, baths, & then off to bed… before I know it, we’ve rushed, rushed, rushed, right past any meaningful time that we might have had!

But sometimes, we have a few extra minutes right before bed, and my boys really enjoy doing bedtime questions together! If you haven’t ever done them before, bedtime questions are fun, open-ended questions that allow your kids to dream big & think about fun (and sometimes more real-life) scenarios.

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We bought a little box of Bedtime Questions several years ago, and even though we have gone thru all of them, my kids still like doing them over & over!

I like to gather my boys in the bedroom floor with only a lamp on (hoping to set the stage for calming down!) & allow each one of them to answer each question.

Examples of  bedtime questions are,

  • If you were the principal of your school for the day, what would you do?
  • If you opened a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?
  • What is something that your best friend could do for you that would show he/she really cares?

What is great about these questions is that they give us a little glimpse into our children’s hearts!  So often, we work so hard on checking off our list of to-dos… homework? Check! baths? Check!  Feed Kids? Check!

That we forget to actually connect with our kids!!

I am SO GUILTY of this! Being truly task oriented, I struggle to do the things that aren’t written down on my list, because they don’t seem to carry the same weight as “wash the dishes”!?

But you know what? “show your child that you love them” should be on our list EVERY DAY!!

I hope that you will find a little time to connect with your children today!  It doesn’t have to be at bedtime, but if you do linger a few extra minutes as you tuck them in to listen to them be funny, or crazy, or serious, or sad… know that no matter what, you did the right thing!



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