Valentine’s Day Box Ideas: Simple, Low-Stress Projects

When my oldest son started school, I truly looked forward to all of his holiday projects & parties!  For his first Valentine’s day, we looked thru Valentine’s day box ideas trying to pick the best one!  And finally, when it came time to make the box, we had a great time creating it together!

Then my twins started school.  And every time there was a school-wide party, project or craft, I had THREE children to help with!  And that, my friends, was NOT so fun!

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So, now that I have 3 kids in school (and another one that will be there soon enough), I have to find a way to help my children do these projects (without loosing my mind), and hopefully still enjoy participating in the fun parts of school & growing up that most of us remember fondly!

DIY Valentine’s Day Box Ideas

Mickey Mouse Valentine’s Box

This cute little Mickey box from is made from a tissue box!  I like it because it’s a simple but creative idea for those that want to DIY but might be short on time!

Mermaid Valentine’s Holder

You’ll never believe what this awesome mermaid valentine’s holder from started out as!  I really like this design, and it would be super easy to change up the colors to pink-purple-aqua for a younger girl.

DIY Valentine’s Mailbox

This Valentine’s mailbox from also uses the Silhouette to cut pieces of cardstock. It is a really great box & it can be changed up by using different prints of paper.

Panda Box

This box by is a simple white box that has been embellished with features made on a Silhouette.  I don’t own a Silhouette but this seems like a great way to use the tool!  Since I don’t have the ability to cut these features out, I feel like the eyes, nose and mouth could be drawn out fairly easily by hand if you didn’t have this tool!  Great idea!

Unicorn Box

The unicorn Valentine’s box from ArtsyFartsyMama,com is such a cute idea!  It is simple, but gives you a chance to play with color & some sparkle to personalize your unicorn!! (I wonder if this design would work on an oatmeal container???)

All Aboard-Love Train

Ok, I am not going to claim that this Valentine’s box is simple, but it is adorable!!! If you have a little extra time, this train from WhereTheSmileHaveBeen will for sure be a winner!!

Lego Box

My oldest son wanted to make a Valentine’s box last year for his 3rd grade party and as usual, we were rushed for time & ideas! Finally, I talked my son into making his box out of real legos! This was a big hit with my son & his classmates!  Win-win!

Valentine’s Day Box Kits

If you are really pressed for time or just want a stress-free all-in-one project, check out some of these great kits which are great Valentine’s day box ideas! They still allow your little ones to have fun making their own box without having to start from scratch!

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Check out this adorable unicorn Valentine’s box kit for less than $10 + shipping! It is simple to assemble but will give your kiddo the satisfaction of making his or her own box!

This rocket ship mailbox is such a fun & unique Valentine’s day box idea!


This Valentine’s box kit is a sweet shark box that your Baby shark-loving littles will love!
I really love this adorable monster Valentine’s box kit by Spritz, it is one of my very favorites!!

Other Options

Oriental trading has some really neat Valentine box kits including a puppy, owl, monster, unicorn & silly face boxes!  Check out their fun options here! Michaels also has a great selection of affordable Valentine’s Day box kits that include sloth, robot & koala designs.

Valentine’s Day Box Ideas: Make Your Own Design

With the popularity of Pinterest & the millions of ideas there, it can be difficult to go back to letting your kids freestyle their Valentine’s box creations! But with a few craft supplies & a blank canvas (aka box), you and your kids can come up with an amazing finished product.

Here are a few supplies that will help you on your creative way!

  • a box or carton of any kind (an oatmeal container is great!)
  • scrapbook paper or fabric
  • stickers, beads, or other embellishments
  • artificial flowers
  • pipe cleaners
  • ribbon or rick rack
  • glitter or glitter glue
  • paint
  • hot glue
  • exact-o-knife

Help your kids cover their container & cut an opening large enough for their treats to fit thru.  Then, allow them to embellish their box until their hearts desire!

I can be a little controlling when it comes to projects with my kids! However, the truth is, they always enjoy the process more when they have some freedom to make it their own! You might just see their little artist coming out in their masterpiece!

kids making hearts from paper, prepare for valentine day box

Make A Memory

My advice, although I can’t say I always follow it myself, is to plan ahead!  Know when you need to have your child’s Valentine’s box ready & find a nice, calm afternoon or evening a few days before to sit down & enjoy helping your child create their box!  Order pizza or do something special (check out my valentine’s day ideas here) and make a memory with your little ones…. every chance  you get!

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