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Candles and Sweaters and Blankets… Oh My!  There is so much to love about Fall!  And I want to share with you some of my Fall favs!

Something for Home

I love warm, cozy lights as we are heading into eveing when it gets dark earlier!  I recently found a beautiful glass lantern (similar) on a weekend trip and I LOVE IT!!! It adds just the right amount of cozy warmth to my table!  

Something to Eat/Drink

One of my favorite fall treats is caramel apples with nuts.  I usually get these at our local county fair, but this year we didn’t have one due to COVID.  One easy way to enjoy caramel apples at home is to make Caramel Apple Nachos!  Slice apples (some red and some tart green apples). Spread your apples out on a plate, spread with caramel topping, homemade hot fudge sauce, and chopped nuts… OH SO GOOD!!!

As the weather cools, I start to switch over from my iced morning coffee to that soul-warming deliciousness of warm coffee!  If you don’t have a favorite coffee mug, let me just tell you that it makes your morning coffee just a little extra special (mine is similar to this one)! 

I have also started using this collagen in my morning coffee (it really doesn’t have much of a taste- I still use about 1 tablespoon of hazelnut creamer and some stevia).  With 9 grams of protein in each scoop, I feel like it helps with cravings and satiety which is a big win for me!

Something to Wear

My niece is getting married soon and I have been in a desperate search for a dress.  For that reason, I have ordered a Stitch Fix box and I recently received a box from Wantable.  I had never ordered from Wantable, but I was really pleased! 

One thing I like about Wantable is that you get to go thru a lot of their inventory online and request the pieces that  you like, so when you get your box, it has items that you already know that you will like!  I didn’t get a dress that I liked in my box (I’m a little picky), but I did get an adorable sweater (similar to this one) that I’m super happy with!! 


Last week I busted out my fall nail polish favorites! Well, I’m primarily an Essie girl and a couple or my favorite fall colors are Lady Like and Chinchilly.  They are really pretty and kind of neutral too! 

Something to Watch

I’ve been on a Jane Austen kick recently.  I had watched the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice several years ago and I really enjoyed it.  So last week, I watched the 2005 Pride & Prejudice with Kira Knightly and I LOVE it!! Why did it take me so long to watch this!?!


If you love Jane Austen and period dramas/romances, you REALLY have to watch Emma (BBC version 2009)!  It is a 4 episode series that you can rent it on Amazon Prime and it is SO well done!  The main character, Romola Garai, is absolutely PERFECT for the role, so please watch it and tell me what you think!    

I also rewatched a series that I had seen several years ago called Dr. Thorne which is also on Amazon Prime.  It is a wonderful story of love and class division directed by Julian Fellowes the creator of Downton Abbey. It’s a must watch in my book, it just SO GOOD!

Looking for a good show for the kiddos to watch?  My kids are all about horses & cowboys, and they have loved the movies Horse Crazy & Horse Crazy Too! You may not have ever heard of these before, but they are good clean shows for the kids and it’s entertaining for the kids!

Something to Do

I talk a lot about how hot and humid it is here in Tennessee in the summer and that’s because… it is!!!  But, when it first starts to feel like fall, I feel like I come alive a little more!  One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to enjoy a campfire with my family and to go on sunset walks.  Breathing the cool air, especially at the end of the day makes me so happy!

Last weekend we had a great time with family members as we gathered for a backyard campfire!  I sitting around the campfire and singing (which we didn’t do this time… we were sad), but we had a wonderful time all the same! 

Looking for something to keep your preschoolers busy?  Try out these fun fall play dough mats!  I am always looking for ways to keep my 3 year old occupied outside of TV and it can be a STUGGLE!  These can be found in my printables shop and they are super cute and fall themed! 

I hope you have enjoyed this sweet list!  Hit reply and send me some of your favorite fall (and even Christmas favorites) with a little explanation and we may have a part 2!  

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