Transform those long summer days into fun-filled Memories...

The long, lazy  days of summer can start to run together with nothing to show for them except for cranky kids and an exhausted, frustrated mama!

When the summer is over, what do you want your kids to remember? 

You’re too busy (& exhausted) to plan all of those Pinterest-perfect themed days.

You want to do fun family activities, but where do you even start…

Right Here!

What's In Your Summer Fun Kit?

Scripture Cards

A set of 10 beautiful Scripture cards with verses about Freedom & God's blessings on a nation

Cool Crafts

Awesome craft with detailed instructions that can be adapted for younger kids or even teens

Festive Recipes

Delicious & fun recipes that willl have the whole family excited

Independent activities

Engaging tasks that kids can complete on their own or together with siblings

There are so many things you can do...

And the best part is… it’s ready for you to get started!

About Me...

Hi!  I am Brandi! Lover of Jesus, pretty things, sweets …and a recovering perfectionist!  I used to spend so much time on Pinterest trying to decide the perfect activity for my kids, that when I was done, I didn’t have the time or energy to make it happen!  

Because I know what trying to do it all perfectly feels like (exhuasting), I want to help you get to the “making memories” part of your summer with ease!

Your Questions Answered...

Q. What will I receive in my bundle?

A. The bundle is packed with fun activities…

Q. I am not crafty, I’m not sure I can help my kids do these activities!

A. Each project has detailed instructions and can be adapted to most ages & skill levels.

Q. What if I don’t want to do each activity?

A.  This bundle is meant to decrease your stress!  DON’T feel that you have to do EVERYTHING…just pick out the project that you think your family will enjoy and do those first.  If time & energy allow, you may choose to add in other projects.  The bundle is jam packed with value so that you will get your money’s worth even if only completing a few of the activities! And each activity can be easily adapted for different holidays or seasons, so you’ll have lots of great ideas for fun future  projects!

Q. What if I am not happy with my bundle?  

A. We have a money back guarantee!  We want you to be thrilled with & enjoy this bundle to make wondeful memories with your family!  But if for any reason you are unhappy, you have 7 days to receive a full money back guarantee!  

You are craving fun family time, but you can barely get it together to have dinner on the table, much less plan a summer full of activities for the kids!

How does the Summer Family Fun Bundle give You stress-free time with your children this summer...