Do You Want To teach you kids kindness in a Real world, tangible way?

The Faithful Family Collective Kindness Challenge can help!

You'll get this beautiful scripture print and the Fun spreading kindness challenge!

  • Display a reminder of what God says about kindness in your home with this beautiful Scripture print.
  • Challenge each member of your family to take real steps to show kindness to those around them.
  • Encourage your family to be kind to each other, even when it’s hard!

Hi, I’m Brandi!

I started 4 Little Birds Design Co. because I have always loved holidays and special occasions, and I especially love to infuse my faith into every part of my family’s celebrations.

I also love creating beautiful designs! A lot of my designs are things that I would dream up to use with my own family for special occasions… and I believe any day can be made special!

Are you tired of your kids fighting and only thinking of themselves?

It’s Time For A Change!!
  • Remind them what God says about being kind and forgiveness.
  • Help your children find ways to serve others.
  • Identify ways that they can show love to those closest to them (and sometimes the hardest to love).
  • Teach your kids that kindness isn’t just something we talk about, but that we live!

Get your Hands on the kindness Challenge Now!