15 Fall Traditions for your Home: Ways to Embrace Hygge This Season

I really enjoy the change of seasons!  My husband LOVES summer, but considering that the heat and humidity get so high here in Tennessee during the summer, that come August, I am almost always ready for a change!  There are so many wonderful things about the cooler weather of Autumn!  And there are many great fall traditions to bring into your home that will help you embrace this beautiful season and enjoy without ever leaving your home!

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Recently, I having been reading about the Danish tradition of Hygee which is all the rage right now!  But really, many of the concepts of hygee are the things that I LOVE TO DO (like drinking warm beverages and cuddling under blankets! And really, Who doesn’t!?!).  Fall is a perfect time to enjoy some of these cozy traditions!

I already mentioned that part of what I love about fall is the cooler weather.  I love wearing layers and the refreshing crisp air! I also enjoy the bright blue skies and the lower humidity that is a welcome relief after our long, hot Southern summers!  

This would definitely be debatable for many people, but I kind of like when the days shorten and it gets darker a little earlier (ok, so maybe 4;30pm is a little too early).  However the early sunset kind of forces my entire family indoors to spend time together and I really enjoy that. And it makes it more likely that we can eat dinner together as a family.

The following are a few ideas for things to do in the fall, many are very hygge-ish (that’s a word, right?).  Just read thru and think of which you and your family would enjoy, but don’t feel the pressure to do each one!  This is not a check list!


Meik Wiking says in The Little Book of Hygge that, “No recipe for hygge is complete without candles.” This is almost obvious, but I often skip that one extra step that could add an extra cozy touch for the sake of efficiency!  Just taking a minute to light a candle or two can relax the mood for the whole family!

I find that especially as the weather cools, I really enjoy having some delicious smelling candles burning around my home.  However, this can sometimes be tricky with my little climber roaming around!  But when I can light a candle in a safe place, I always enjoy it’s warmth! 


We have a lot of blankets lying around our house, because my littles get cold from time to time.  Having a fuzzy blanket (maybe a rich cranberry or hunter green colored one) for a cold day is another way to embrace fall!

Fall Traditions: Delicious Food!

Soup, Chili, & Stew


I have really become low maintanence in my meal prep over the years, and there is nothing as low maintanence as a one pot soup or stew!  There are so many great recipe variations that warm the body and soul! Check this Creamy Chicken & Mushroom soup! And this Cozy Autumn Wild Rice soup from Gimme Some Oven looks wonderful (everything from Ali is)! 


Warm Drinks

I typically tell people, I’d rather be drinking coffee and watching Hallmark! And my kids are completely addicted to hot chocolate (thank you Nana)!!!  There is something so soothing about warm drinks! And warm drinks are also very key to the cozy hygee of the Danes!  Here are some great warm drink ideas! 

This Snickerdoodle Latte from House of Yumm looks irresistible (there is also nutella, pumpkin spice & salted caramel variation)!

And this Vanilla Steamer from Dessert For Two looks absolutely delicious also!

Fall Traditions: Baking

Fall baking is so much fun!  And according to The Little Book of Hygee,  hygge is about being good to yourself…. sweets, cake, coffee and hot chocolate are hyggelige (or hygge-like)!  You can make these adorable fall bundt cakes from Style Me Pretty for a hyggelige treat and to usher in fall!

Pumpkin Everything

I have to confess something (don’t throw anything….please!)  I am not crazy for Pumpkin spiced lattes! I do love pumpkin, but I fell out of love with it’s flavor in a latte long ago.  However, thankfully, there are SO MANY WAYS to enjoy pumpkin in our foods throughout fall!

         Check out these recipes here!

Laura’s latest has these delicious Soft Pumpkin Sugar Cookies.

Six Sister Stuff have these yummy Disney Pumpkin Muffins.

And The Gold Lining Girl has these delectable Pumpkins Spice Oreo Cheesecakes!

Other Fall Flavors

So maybe pumpkin isn’t your thing.  (It’s ok, I won’t judge!) There are still many ways to embract fall in your cooking and baking and enjoy those yummy fall flavors with other ingredients!  Think of butternut or acorn squash, sweet potatoes, apples.  Check out my delicious Cowboy Cookies that can be switched up with dried cranberries (and even a little pumpkin puree to the mix for extra fall flavor!).

Project Baking

In an article, Houzz encourages readers to do some “project baking”.  This could include any kind of baking that your heart desires, likely recipes you often don’t have time for on a regular basis.  Maybe you could make your mom’s famous apple pie, or your friend’s delicious banana bread?  You may like to try this delicious recipe for apple cider donuts!  YUM!!!!

Roast Pumpkins Seeds

I am all about whole ingredients, but I never make pie or anything else from a whole pumpkin.  The ease of canned pumpkin wins out every.single.time.  However, roasting pumpkin seeds is a delicious exception!  Try this recipe for Honey Roasted Pumpkin Seeds from Bless This Mess.

Fall Decorations

Something that my kids really enjoy doing is helping to decorate for each holiday or season.  In the fall, we fill our mantle, top of our china cabinet, piano (and anywhere else we can) with bright pumpkins, leaves, berries and other festive fall decor.  My oldest son even has an “old-time-y” truck from Hobby Lobby that he brings down to fill with small pumpkins for display!  

There are also many ways to dress up your outdoors with fall decorations.  We usually buy a couple of mums in bright colors (I’m partial to purple) and I really enjoy stackable Cinderella pumpkins from our local farmer’s market.  If you grow a garden you could use cornstalks or hay bales if you want for outdoor decorations.

Fall decorations are a festive fall tradition.

Cozy Clothes

So I mentioned my love for layering before, but I love a day that I can throw on a cozy sweatshirt or an oversized chunky cardigan. A cozy sweater?  I think that is very hygge!  I have this sweatshirt and it is one of my absolute favorites!

Fall Traditions: Seasonal Activities

Kid’s Crafts: Tissue Paper Fall Leaves

We did these fall leaves using tissue paper, glue and wax paper (these use contact paper) a few years ago. My boys loved hanging their leaves on the windows to use as suncatchers!  Try this or another fun kiddy craft on a lazy fall Saturday afternoon.

Leaf Rubbings

Another fun (and super easy) thing to do with leaves, is let your kids do leaf rubbings!  Take a leaf that hasn’t dried too much and lay it under a plain sheet of paper. Rub gently over the entire leaf with a crayon, being sure that the leaf outline can be seen all the way around.  This simple activity helps our children to see all of the beautiful detail that God put into one single leaf!  

Make Caramel Apples 

Every year I think, I am going to make a bunch of caramel apples to give to family when we go trick or treating!  You know the ones… With caramel, nuts, and chocolate drizzles all over them?  

 making caramel apples, a fun fall tradition

So maybe you don’t have time for that, just slice a couple of granny smith apples and heat a little caramel in your microwave.  Then let your kids enjoy a caramel apple bar! Have finely chopped nuts, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, etc out for toppings!

Watch a Fall Movie/Show

I have grand thoughts about reading Little House on the Prairie to my kids, however, most of the time I collapse in a chair at the end of the day with my energy completely spent!  One way that we can spend quality time with our kids even when we are tired, is to watch a family friendly movie together as a family.

My family LOVES all things Charlie Brown, so It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown & A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving are a given every fall! Other great fall movies (football movies count as fall movies, don’t you know?) are Facing the Giants and The Blind Side.  Matilda & Hocus Pocus might be fun movies for your younger ones.

Raking & Jumping in Leaves

Make raking leaves in your yard a game! When you get a big pile, everyone jumps in them!  Be sure that you grab your camara, and maybe schedule your raking so the finale can be about an hour before sunset (take advantage of that beautiful golden hour lighting…that’s hygge too)!  Beautiful leaves and happy children, those will be memories you’ll be so happy you captured!

The Best Fall Tradition: Giving Thanks!

Finally, one of my favorite things about fall, is that it is often a time that we make an extra effort to give thanks!  There are many different ways to do that, but one of the ways that we like to do as a family throughout October and November is to take the time to show our gratitude for our blessings!  Check out my awesome gratitude activity bundle!

Looking for creative ways to count your blessings?  Check out this AMAZING bundle with more than 10 pages to help the whole family express their thankfulness!

Even in our fast paced world, there are fun fall tradition that can help us slow us down and enjoy the cozy times!  This season, embrace a few of these fall traditions & make them your own.  Then soak in the comforting warmth of family and home!

Do you have any special fall family traditions?  We would love to keep the ideas coming!  Please share them with us in the comments below!

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